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Frequently Asked Questions :
What is and how does financial transaction work ?
Ans: is a brand name Indiainformatics, which has been created to provide convenience to consumers. The Kiosk will be simply operating with a terminal, Printer, scanner in the process. The customer brings the bill which is segregated by the Kiosk and data entered into the terminal electronically. The customer pays the bill amount and a receipt is generated which is then handed over to the customer. The money and the data are then transferred to the specific utility company for updating their records.
How do I make the payment of my bill through Kiosk ?
Ans: Your utility or service provider will supply you with bill which you just need to bring to your local Kiosk,with your cash to make your payment. You will always get a receipt for the payments you make.
What do I do if I have a query about my bill or service ?
Ans: technical competence include its own Data Center, 24x7 Call Center, on-line chat support, disaster backup data management system, for any question the kiosk is having in regard to its customers.
What type of bills one customer can pay through Kiosk ?
Ans: All your Utility Bill Payments like DTH, Recharge of mobile phone,Income tax& Sales tax return, Property tax, water tax, credit cards bill payment, electricity bills etc.
As a customer How do I benefit with ?
Ans: has its authorized kiosk s in your neighborhood. You get the following benefits by utilizing the services:
1] You do not have to travel long distances to locate the conventional bill payment counters.
2] You can pay your bills at one single counter.
3] You can pay your bills even after the office hours where the conventional bill counters are closed.
4] You can query us through our kosiks to get the best deal in Real estate and your logistical needs.
5] You can initiate your query though our kosiks to obtain reasonable & competent advice on nearly all the areas of law.
We provide services in the following areas.
  • Franchise Licencing
  • Tax Related issues
  • Consumer Rights Litigation
  • Criminal Law, Cyber Law and Bail
  • 6] Open on Sundays and holidays.
    Do I have to pay any service charges for my bill payments through ?
    Ans: There is either a nominal or no service charge from the customers.
    How secure is the services provided by ?
    Ans: The service is highly secured by and use of Firewall support. The money and the data flow in a seamless manner to the utility service providers supported by the-state-of-the-art technology. The security and reliability of the service can also be judged from the fact that the utility service providers who are national level companies and a few of them are MNCs as well, are collaborating with to serve the contomers. State Bank of Hyderabad, a respectable National level bank is providing banking services for our operations. Above all, is a venture of the India informatics which has to its credit many pioneering work in India.
    How much commission KIOSK will be getting being a franchisee of ?
    Ans: updated and latest commission structure will be sent to all kiosk at their authorized email id from period to period.
    If a new person want to join as a Franchisee of Kiosk ?
    Ans: The particular person/Firm can contact us directly either on our helpline number or mail us at:
    How to locate Kiosk at your neighborhood ?
    Ans: You can contact us directly either by dialing our helpline number or sending email at:
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